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Amazing Astro, Cosmic & Vastu World, Pendle Hill

Hi I’m satya from sydney i’m an Indian Astrologer & vastu consultant based in Pendle Hill Suburb Of Sydney. If you are in any trouble & problem, then give me a call, I can try to solve your all problems by my knowledge.
One thing i tell you we have power to create anything what we want thing is this we need someone who realise & teach you the your self.
I give training YOGA & Medidation if require.
if you want any adorship specially for Marriage, birthday, opening & etc contact me.thanks

Pundit Nitya Anand Maharaj, Plumpton

Pundit Nitya Anand Maharaj is an Indian Astrologer and Hindu Priest in Plumpton Suburb West of Sydney Specialising in Marital problems, delay in marriages, delay in child birth, education, stress, depression and any kinds of problems, Nav grah shanti solutions, Yogini dasa solutions, Vastu solutions.
All types of Pooja- Ganesh, Hanuman, Sat Narayan, Durga etc. Also Hindu Astrology.

Astrology for all – Astrological Birth chart, Palm reading, Vastu, Matching compability

Astrology (analysis of all event of your past, present and future)
Astrological Birth chart (horoscope chart) preparing and interpreting.
Palm reading and exploring of your every events of your life.
Vastu Consulting for home and commercial building ,offices ,Garden to attain prosperity, peace and balance in cosmic energy.
Matching computability for marriage/partnership to achieve long lasting and happier relationship. Baby naming, matching suitable name of company, business for prosperity.
Finding auspicious time (Muhurta) to start business, job, wedding, ritual works, buying and selling property /vehicles or any new start.
Healing through ancient remedy like singing bowel therapy, yoga, meditation, power healing, mantra chanting.
Providing genuine remedy for obstacles of life, ill-effects of malefic planets, evil effect (prescribing Gem stone, Rudrakshya, Mantra, Yantra, Prayer)
Mantra (sacred Sounds) chanting, arranging prayer and all rituals ceremony

Shivashakthi Astrologer Center, Toongabbie

World Famous Astrologer From Indian Generations. Shastry Is An Expert In Palm, Face, Photo Reading & Numerology & Predicts Your Past, Present & Future.
Performs Home I Shanti Pujas, Sudarshana Chakras, Laxmi Chakras, Vastu Consultation – Home & Commercial Premises, Protection From Black Magic & Any Evils Don’t Worry Any More.

Astrology Vastu Fengshui

Indian Astrologer, Vedic Astrologer, Gemstone Astrology Inner West Sydney, NSW
Tarot card reading can help us guide on issues relating to love, business, family, money and career.
Astrological gemstones available – emerald, ruby, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, hessonite, coral, pukhraj, panna, manik, moonga,gomed Phone Consultations available Personal Readings.
We Can Speak English, Hindi and Punjabi Languages.