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Indian International Student Advisory Centre Inc

The Centre attempts to work closely with the Victorian Government bodies such as Department of Consumer Affairs, Victorian Multicultural Commission, Victoria Police; Federal bodies such as Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs; and the Consulate of India in order to promote positive learning experiences for Indian International students who come to Australia with hopes and ambitions to pursue their academic career.

Malayalee Association of Victoria

The Malayalee Association of Victoria (MAV) was formed 37 years ago in 1976 by a few families that got together and laid the foundation for today’s MAV, which has nearly 500 family members. This makes the MAV one of the oldest Indian regional Associations in Victoria.
The primary aim of the association is to bring the Malayalee community of Victoria together and to keep the younger generation in touch with their culture and traditions. We also provide youth with an opportunity to display their talents and skills through the different programs we conduct through out the year.