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Bundy Halbe Asian Market

Internet Cafe, Drinks, Snacks, Tea & Coffee and Indian/Asian Groceries.
You really love Asian food, you want the genuine product, then visit us at Bundy Halbe Market, we provide a wide range. Internet Cafe provides you with fast ADSL, so information is at your finger tips ana contact with family and friends is easy.
We Specialise in Wholesale and Retail Orders Of Japanese, Korean, Philipino, Indian, Thai, Chinese groceries and International Phone Cards.

BSM Asian Food Mart Bundaberg Central

We Sell All Asian Groceries And Spices. Our Product Range Includes Indian, Nepali, Sri Lankan, Korean, Thai & Chinese Groceries And Spices.
We Have A Good Collection Of Indian Basmati Rices, Red Rice, Jasmine Rice, Glutinous Rice. We Also Sell All Kinds Of Spices, Curry Masalas, Curry Paste, Pickles, Noodles Etc.
We Sell Quality Products At Low Prices. We Can Speak English, Hindi Languages.