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Abacus : Sydney, Australia – Memory Training, Mental Arithmetic

The Main Attractions:
Abacus Training and Mental Arithmetic Training
Offers you the speed & accuracy that challenges even a computer and that can take you to the pinnacle of deep concentration, imagination and memory.
Memory Technique Training
Training that boosts your right brain to memorize the information received as files which can be retrieved in its perfection.
Calender Memory Training
Keeps the 100 years calender on your finger tips.

Mental Math Abacus Australia

Math Abacus Classes for Age group of 5 to 12 Years..
Excel in Mathematics and enhance your child’s concentration, visualization, imagination and memory skills
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We committed to provide quality education into field of Abacus Maths, Vedic Maths, Calligraphy and Handwriting. The basic idea behind forming this organization is to uplift the brain skills of school going students. Every parent wish that their kid should be capable of doing basic calculations faster, their handwriting can impress anybody and they should be creative. We design our all four programsin such a manner so that an individual can improve is calculation power, speed, creative skills and improve their handwriting skills. Our programs are lively and fun based to develop children concentration, thinking, reading and writing abilities. AMA has a talented team of experts.

Wit Works, Sydney

We help children who can not concentrate in studies to take their focus levels to the desired level. We use the concepts and techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming that includes modelling techniques to achieve human excellence.
We also specialise in study and memory programs for students and conversational programming for teachers and parents that helps them discipline their students and children.