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Eversell Real Estate Kallangur

Eversell Property Group is a company which specializes in supplying excellent value, high quality residential investment properties in areas of rental demand and capital growth. Our Expertise is drawn from years of experience in residential/commercial real estate marketing. Our business is to know and understand the process of Real Estate Investment every day and we are also actively involved in building our own personal property portfolios. We lead by example and are happy to help you do the same. It is our valued associations with reputable Developers, Builders, Financial Planners, Asset Planners, Accountants and Financiers which have earned us the privilege of being able to offer quality real estate investment.
We specialise in all forms of Residential, Commercial, Investment, Land, Development & Project Marketing. Our goal is to market your property to get the best price in the quickest time. Whether you are buying or selling a home, hire someone like us, who wants to earn your business.
We invite you to contact our Sales Team as we would be happy to assist you with this important transaction. In addition, if you have any general questions about buying or selling real estate in Queensland, please contact us as we are more than willing to help.
At Eversell, we’re a real estate company with a difference, and your advantage is in our strategies. We have independent financial planners who can show you how to invest in property in high growth areas, reduce your tax and pay your mortgage off in less than ten years all this while maintaining your lifestyle create wealth whilst building your property portfolio and rapidly reducing your mortgage.

Asia Pacific Wealth Property Group

As an investment property expert, I guide people how to create wealth and improve their work/life balance through investment property. Many people work hard to pay off their home, or perhaps have just one investment property. I seek to change conventional thinking and to guide people how to better leverage their income & equity to provide cash flow for their lifestyle. My strategies are easy-to-understand, but incredibly powerful and life changing for anyone willing to take action. For instance, instead of working overtime, how about leveraging your equity to buy an investment property, and using the rental income to supplement your over time working income? You could then buy another investment property and switch to part-time work.
My expertise has come from a mix of experience. I am a professional investor, qualified real-estate agent, buyers’ agent & business owner, all of which have contributed to my success in property. But more importantly, I am passionate and have funded my own lifestyle with investment property income for over 10 years. I began property investing at 30 with only $5,000, & turned that into a $2.5m portfolio in less than 9 years. This allowed me to retire from full time work at 40. My portfolio is now in excess of $7-10m & continues to grow.
I am also the CEO of Asia Pacific Wealth Property Group, an independent property consultancy that builds investment property portfolios for time-poor professionals. In my earlier days, I personally taught clients how to create wealth & lifestyle options through investment property. I now better leverage my time by providing advice & strategies regularly through my books & the general media and also one-on-one.
You can find more information about me & get a free copy of my books at
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