Sharma Bros Pty Ltd, Prahran

An International Trading Group In The Mining And Marketing Of Metal Ores, Concentrates Specialising In Cobalt , Copper, Nickel & Zinc
Exporters of-
Copper: Ore, Concentrate, Sulphate, Carbonate, Oxide, Matte
Cobalt: Ore/Heterogenite, Concentrate, Hydrate, Oxide
Nickel: Concentrate, Matte
Scrap Steel: HMS- Heavy Melting Steel, LMS – Light Melting Steel, Tin Bundles
Misc: Scrap Butyl Tubes, Unvulcanised scrap compounds
Tallow, Inedible Vegetable Oils,
Wet Blue Hides
Unvulanised Rubber Scrap, Used Butyl Tubes
Steel Melting And Rerollable Scrap.

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